Guernsey Housing Permits and Certificate Developments due April 2017

Further to the talk given on the 19 July at Beau Sejour by the States of Guernsey Population Management team, we have kindly been given a copy of the slideshow allowing for distribution by the Guernsey Private Residential Landlord Association (“GPRLA”).
So if any of you missed and were unable to attend on the evening for whatever reason enclosed is a copy to see at your leisure at a time convenient to you. The topics covered include your responsibilities, the Recognised Break in Residence (RBRs) and other changes.
Please note that we would like to thank the Housing Department/Population Management Department for their kind permission in allowing the Guernsey Landlords to be able to circulate the slideshow via the website to you, the general public and to our members.
The GPRLA Council would like to mention to all who read this that it is a working document and that certain sections may change prior to the April 2017 Billet coming into effect. We would therefore suggest that you make yourself aware of any changes during the intervening period which will be advised on the States of Guernsey website, a useful contact should you have any questions would be via the Council or directed towards the following States Department links included below.