Waste and Recycling Team presentation at GPRLA June open meeting

New collections

The new collections will begin from 2nd September.  In advance of that, every household will receive a starter pack, which contains:

  • Kitchen food waste caddy
  • Kerbside food waste recycling bin
  • Caddy liners (one year’s supply)
  • Glass recycling bag
  • Information leaflet

These will be delivered to each island household during July and August by Guernsey Post.  Separately, every household will also receive in the post a 2018/19 collection calendar- it will tell you what night to put out your waste, and which materials are picked up each week.

If any of your tenants receive kits that they do not feel they will use, they can return these to the Longue Hougue Recycling Facility free of charge.  Should they feel that they will need more items (e.g. more than one food waste bin), they should contact the Recycling Team via or by calling 231234.  The same applies to any undelivered kits.

The frequency of the new collections will be as follows:

  • Food waste- weekly
  • Glass- fortnightly
  • Black bag waste- fortnightly (alternating with glass)
  • Clear bags- fortnightly
  • Blue bags- fortnightly (alternating with clear bags)

Each week, every household will receive a collection of food waste, clear bags/blue bags, and black bags/glass recycling.  The only exceptions to these are St Sampson (where clear/blue bag collections will take place on a Sunday night), and a small area of town which will receive a weekly collection.

Every island household will receive an addressed mailing in August which will tell them their new collection night, and which items to set out on which weeks.



The new charging system will be introduced in early 2019, and will replace the current household waste charges.  The household waste charges will only cover the costs of dealing with our waste and recycling, and as such cover the collections and processing of waste and recycling, the operation of the Waste Transfer Station, the new Household Waste & Recycling Centre, and the Green Waste site, as well as the bring bank sites around the island.

Future waste bills will be made up of three elements:

  1. Parish collection charge:
  • This will be billed to the owner, by the Parish, as now.
  • The owner will be responsible, but under the law may pass the fee on to the tenant where applicable.
  • Further information on this should be sought from your Parish.
  1. States’ annual bill:
  • This is a fixed charge, and works in exactly the same way as standing charges for water and electricity. For 2019 it is set at £85 per household.
  • It will be billed to the owner, by the WDA
  • The owner will be responsible, but under the law can pass the fee on to the tenant where applicable.
  1. Black bag fee – £2.50
  • The occupier is responsible for this, as payment needs to be made for every bag set out
  • There will be two payment options available- £2.50 for a 90 litre bag, £1.40 for a 50 litre bag
  • Stickers will be available from the retailers that currently stock kerbside bags, possibly to be expanded…

More information about the charges will be communicated island-wide later on in the year.  Should you have specific queries relating to the charges and your tenants, please contact us nearer the time.


Should you have any further questions about the new collections, or if you were not able to attend the meeting and would like to speak to a member of the Recycling Team, please contact us via or by calling us on 231234.  We have been working with a number of property management agents, letting agents and landlords on the implementation of the new collections in relation to the properties they manage, and would be very happy to advise you on any waste/recycling matters that you are unsure about, or would like clarifying.  You can also contact us via Facebook (/recycleforgsy) or Twitter (@recycleforgsy).