GHA talk, Discrimination consultation, Housing Standards Law

Update for landlords and tenants

GHA talk, Discrimination Legislation consultation and Housing Standards legislation proposals


Guernsey Housing Association talk
Here is a link to the Guernsey Housing Association talk presentation which they gave GPRLA at the open meeting before our AGM this June.  This outlines what GHA do, and their future plans.
GHA talk

Discrimination Legislation consultation
Also, GPRLA were invited to a briefing on 9th July about a consultation on forthcoming discrimination legislation and two  GPRLA Council members attended.  This legislation will affect various aspects of life in Guernsey, including accommodation, landlords and tenants.

The consultation period is now open, and closes on 30th September.  There is a public meeting which you can attend this Monday, 15th July from 19:30 at the Performing Arts Centre, Les Ozouets.  Also there are relevant documents and information which you can view at including a feedback questionnaire.

If after reading their documents you have any feedback for them, please provide it direct on the feedback questionnaire form rather than through GPRLA.

GPRLA Council are hoping to hold an open meeting in September with a speaker/s about these proposals, and will notify you nearer the time.  All landlords are welcome to attend, and if you aren’t a member and decide you would like to join GPRLA you can do so now from our website by clicking on Become a Member and following the instructions, or by completing an application form at the open meeting.

Housing Standards legislation proposals
These will largely be aimed at giving tenants protection from landlords, and so aimed at landlords without giving landlords any extra protections from tenants.  Initially the aim is to cover four areas:
landlords will have to register
landlords of houses of multiple occupation will have to be certified
a deposit protection scheme will be introduced
a housing safety rating system will be introduced.

GPRLA Council are hoping to meet with Environment and Infrastructure later this year with the aim of helping discussions going forward.  We hope that if a law is introduced it will help protect landlords as well as tenants.