Phase 4 of release from lock down – landlords visiting/repairing rentals

Landlords should treat themselves as a “controlled” environment/activity, where the social distancing requirements are less restrictive, e.g. social distancing is only 1 metre.  Use common sense about social distancing, sanitary behaviour etc.
Landlords need to email the name and contact details for their designated record-keeper (i.e. probably themselves) to before making their first inspection/visit to their let property, or if work needs to be done there.
As part of that they are required to keep a contact tracing diary which can be downloaded from the covid-19 website.
That will keep a record of who the landlord or their contractor saw/which property they visited and when, plus the tenant’s name and phone number.
We’d suggest that tenants who are required to give anyone access to the home they are renting, be it landlord or his contractor/s for any work that need to be done there, should also keep a contact tracing diary.
This then allows easy contact tracing should it become necessary.  

Such visits are not allowed if either the person visiting or the tenant have had covid-19 symptoms within the last 48 hours, or if anyone in the household is in isolation, or shielding following advice from a medical professional.

The Covid-19 team say
“The Guidance can be read here    The full information is in the PDF at the bottom of the page  You may want to specifically reference the information for work taking place within households in Section C.”

We hope that helps, and remember that the covid-19 website contains lots of helpful information if you have any questions.