POSTPONED GPRLA open meeting on landlords’ registration with the Data Protection Office by 28th February

GPRLA Open meeting


GPRLA were holding an open meeting at 7 pm on Tuesday 26th January at the Guernsey Yacht Club, Castle Emplacement, with guest speaker Rachel Masterton, Deputy Data Protection Commissioner.  Rachel would have been talking about the Data Protection Law registration process and  giving an overview of other requirements of the law, followed by a questions and answers session.

This meeting is postponed until lockdown is released, then we’ll let you know new arrangements.

The ODPA website now includes at the start an explanation and video explainer of the registration process and who is required to register, so please visit scroll down and click on the ‘play’ arrow to view this.  Any questions can be emailed to the Data Protection Office or call 742074.


Meeting between GPRLA representatives and ODPA, points of law


The details of this are in a previous article posted on our website on January 12th 2021.


Please do not refer any queries regarding this Law to GPRLA. For further guidance, we recommend you visit the Data Protection new-look website or phone an ODPA advisor on 01481 742074 or email them to In their new-look website, apart from the registration process itself, we are hoping for something helpful for landlords and sole traders but currently (23rd January 2021) landlords are only covered by the ‘For Organisations’ pages.