GPRLA Guidance on covid-19 affecting landlords, agents and tenants in Guernsey

Each case is different so talk to your landlord/agent/tenant now to see if there may be a rent payment problem in the coming weeks/months.

If yes work out what can be paid now and repayment scheduling. The situation is changing all the time so we (agents, landlords and tenants) need to have a flexible approach, and keep communicating with each other to maintain a good relationship.


Landlords who can afford a reduction in funds for a short period may be helpful but we suggest landlords of any type (large, small, rich, poor, commercial or residential) should not give, agree to, promise or offer any ‘rent free’ periods at this time. That may change if we are in lockdown for several months.  Rent may be suspended if the landlord is in a position to do so but it has to be remembered any rent suspended or deferred will have to be paid eventually as the landlord is likely to have commitments just like any other business.


If no solution can be found at this stage, a request from the States fund which was set up in March 2020, or other States benefits including co-funding and furlough  payments may be in order, and should be pursued before assuming a reduction or suspension of the rent.


In any communication please be careful to avoid any misunderstanding with terminology, be clear what is being agreed as terms such as ‘rent holiday’ can be taken to have different meanings.


Any guidance provided by the GPRLA is just that, guidance. The States advice and powers will dictate events therefore please continue to check the information provided on a daily basis at COVID-19 (Coronavirus) | States of Guernsey – COVID-19 (, which includes useful downloads and helpful links.