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Now Into 16 Years of GPRLA

The Guernsey Private Residential Landlords Association (the “GPRLA”) was founded in 2006 so celebrated its 10th Anniversary in 2016 and is now into its 16th year. During this time the association has built up the services on offer to both the landlords and tenants. We now have over 280 landlord members and 11 associate letting agent members. The aim of the GPRLA is to represent, develop the interests of and improve the standing of private residential landlords in Guernsey. Another aim is for the Guernsey Private Residential Landlords Association to promote the establishment and maintenance of good standards of practice by the landlords.  We expect this of all who join our membership, as stated in our constitution.

Some of the benefits of the Guernsey Landlords’ membership are:

  • the GPRLA lease (which is petty debt compliant) is free for members to use;
  •  the GPRLA Landlords Privacy Policy, also free for members to use;
  • discount offers to members e.g. property insurance, appliance costs and cleaning services;
  • an independent mediation service;
  • the association is used by and has referrals from the Citizen Advice Guernsey, Guernsey States Housing and the Guernsey Housing Association;
  • we are asked for our input on relevant topical issues by States bodies and the media;
  • members give each other advice and support on all letting issues;
  • members are kept up to date with changes in relevant local legislation;
  • open meetings held 2 or 3 times a year with a speaker/s on subjects of mutual interest.

  • "The GPRLA is a tour de force in ensuring best practice without restrictive legislation."
    P. Le Breton
Providing support & information to landlords and tenants

The GuernseyLandlords website has been developed to provide support to existing members, as well as to assist with providing useful information to prospective landlords and tenants. The GuernseyLandlords website provides up-to-date news on changing legislation, GPRLA events and FAQs with respect to lettings, the management and general advice on day-to-day scenarios that can affect a landlord. As an association the GPRLA works closely with the Guernsey Housing Department and other relevant Government offices to ensure effective collaboration across the private and public rental sectors.

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