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Private rentals

First, thank you for your time on Wednesday of this week. This is a challenging time for all of us in our community, and my officers and I very much appreciated your time and your open and constructive approach.

You and your members have an important role in our economy and in our community. Having spoken with many of the Association’s members over the past 48 hours, I know that they – like you – recognise that role.

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The States of Guernsey have been advising all Bailiwick businesses to put in place contingency plans in relation to COVID-19. They fully understand that for many businesses, continuing to provide goods and services in line with the fast moving public health advice is complex and they appreciate the hard work that that businesses are doing to prepare for any necessary changes to ‘business as usual’.

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GPRLA are holding an open meeting for their members and all interested landlords at 7 pm on Thursday 5th September at the Guernsey Yacht Club, Castle Emplacement, for a talk by representatives of the Committee for Employment & Social Security about the area of accommodation, and how proposals for discrimination legislation will affect private residential landlords in Guernsey.  This will be followed by a questions and answers session.

The discrimination legislation consultation period is currently open, and closes on 30th September. 

There are relevant documents and information which you can view at including a feedback questionnaire form.

Also the Equality group have put together a document which focuses on the area of ‘Accommodation’, what the requirements will be, and related exemptions.  Here it is.  You’ll need online data switched on to access it. 

If after reading their documents and listening to the talk on 5th September you have any feedback please provide it direct on their feedback questionnaire form by the end of September when the consultation period closes, rather than through GPRLA.

We look forward to seeing you at the meeting.
There will be application forms if you wish to join GPRLA, as well as our Guide to Letting booklet.

To landlords and tenants alike. Do you know that to comply with the Data Protection (Bailiwick of Guernsey) Law 2017 all landlords in Guernsey are required to have a privacy policy which they should provide to their tenants for each tenancy? Landlords are not required to register as Data Processors under the law because they are classed as a small business, as long as CCTV is not installed in the rental accommodation private area. However they must have a privacy policy to give to their tenants. New tenants should be given this when signing up. Existing tenants should be given this by May 2019. Landlords, you should be proactive and provide this to your tenants by either email or print it and give it to them to keep with their copy of the lease/tenancy agreement. For Guernsey Landlords GPRLA members who feel they don’t have the time, skills or resources to comply with this aspect of the law, our GPRLA standard Landlord’s Privacy Policy, written for GPRLA members to use if they wish, is now in the GPRLA website members’ area. This is NOT to be confused with the Association’s own Privacy Policy which is found at the foot of the Guernsey Landlords website. Members can log into the members’ area using their email address and password, and download the Landlord’s Privacy Policy which is found in the list of items for members, near the standard lease/tenancy agreement. Landlords, not a member? Why not join today for access to this and other benefits like our standard tenancy agreement. Just follow the ‘Join’ instructions on the website.

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