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This means an independent unbiased person sitting in the middle between 2 sides of a dispute, to help them reach agreement. This is what we provide with our mediation service in landlords/tenant disputes.

There can be occasions when the landlord and tenant may fall into disagreement, for example

– The landlord does not allow the tenant to have proper enjoyment of the property
– The tenant does not look after the property to the landlord’s expectations
– The tenant allows extra people not mentioned in the lease to live at the property
– With no discussion the landlord changes conditions at the property without changing the lease
– At the end of a tenancy landlord and tenant have different perceptions of what part of the deposit should be returned to the tenant.

Usually the best way to resolve any dispute is to talk to each other and listen to each other. Aim to reach a compromise. If a dispute is allowed to escalate it can cause very bad feeling, and cost both sides a lot of money in advocates’ fees.

If a compromise has not been reached there are several approaches that could be taken. 

– Use the petty debts court to recover money where is it owing.
– Go to arbitration. This involves using an arbitrator and can be extremely costly.
– GPRLA can provide (through individual experienced landlords who are members of GPRLA’s voluntary Council, rather than as an association) a free, confidential, impartial, unbiased mediation service, with the aim of landlord and tenant reaching agreement.  The landlord does not have to be, and rarely is, a member of GPRLA.

Your choices of approach can be limited by the wording in the lease, so read it carefully. Usually the best way to come to a solution is to reach agreement between yourselves if that is possible.