Do landlords have to register with the Data Protection Authority?

Yes, by 28th February 2021, and annually thereafter, most landlords will have to register with the Data Protection Authority, ODPA, usually at a cost of £50 p.a.  However late registrations are accepted in 2021.

If you become a landlord after end February in any given year you don’t need to register until January/February the following year.

This is not an open register visible to all, but is private within the ODPA.

The only exceptions are landlords who aren’t covered by the Guernsey Data Protection Law because they don’t hold any information about their tenants, even their name/s, because either
i) they use the full management services of an agent or
ii) they are renting their accommodation to a company rather than to individuals.

For any further advice please don’t contact GPRLA, but instead visit or contact ODPA or phone 742074.