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Information for tenants

GPRLA came into being in 2006 as a forum for landlords renting out housing in Guernsey. GPRLA take seriously the importance of private rental accommodation as part of housing provision in Guernsey.  We encourage our members (landlords) to provide acceptable standards of accommodation, and likewise we encourage tenants to respect and look after that accommodation as provided. If you are looking for rental accommodation in Guernsey we invite you to leave us a message on the Contact page, stating your requirements.

The GPRLA Booklet

Our GPRLA booklet ‘A Landlord’s Guide to Residential Lettings and Code of Good Practice’ is available in printed form and can be downloaded from the website.  Although it is called a Landlord’s Guide we hope it is equally helpful to tenants.  It gives details of what we consider to be good letting practice, and can give tenants an idea of what they should expect and who they might be able to contact for help.  It contains information about leases, property standards, health and safety procedures, houses in multiple occupation / lodging houses, commencement of a lease, handover of the property, collection of rents, grounds for possession, protection from eviction, end of a lease, useful contacts and a glossary of terms.

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Open Communications

An important part of letting is that there should be a lease (such as our plain speaking lease vetted by an advocate and available to our members) signed by landlord and tenant/s on payment of an agreed deposit.  This should state clearly the rights and responsibilities of both landlord and tenant. An attached inventory should be detailed enough to prevent any misunderstandings at the end of the tenancy, and photographs can be an important part of that, showing the condition of the rental at the start of the tenancy.  Your landlord should have a Privacy Policy and you can ask to see this as part of your rights under local data protection law. We believe that throughout the tenancy there should be an open point of communication between landlord and tenant. This aids understanding of each other’s needs and expectations and should result in a happy and successful tenancy. In the event that there is any dispute between landlord and tenant, GPRLA do provide a free, confidential, impartial, unbiased mediation service.  This can help a successful compromise to be reached.  The landlord involved does not have to be (and rarely is) a member of our association.  Several members of our Council (all Council members are unpaid volunteers, and experienced landlords) provide this service as individuals, not as representatives of GPRLA.

Useful Information

Please find below some documents that may be of interest to Tenants.


If you have any specific questions the FAQ’s on the website might be able to help.

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Looking for Accommodation?

If you are looking for rental accommodation you are most welcome to provide us with your contact details and details of your requirements. E.g. type of property, number of bedrooms, parking, garden, local/open market, parish, pets, children, budget etc.

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